Международная студенческая научно-практическая конференция «Инновационное развитие государства: проблемы и перспективы глазам молодых ученых». Том 2

Mishchak N.V., Pobat A.A., Burlakova O.N.

Dnepropetrovsk National University named after O. Honchar


For the successful conduct of business it is necessary thoroughly to know not only advantages, possibilities and work of competitors but also be abreast of work of the inferiors. One of the most essential and effective indexes of determination of skilled personnel and that this personnel works high-quality is an estimation of quality of service in the company.

There are a few methods of estimation of the service, such as: traditional inspections and raids, and also questioning of the clients and buyers. But they have the substantial failings. The best method of estimation of quality of the service is a method of «trial purchase», or, as it is named abroad «Mystery Shopping». This method is widely used in the countries of Western Europe and USA, and from recent time it has begun to collect the popularity in our country too. The advantage of this method consists in that research passes secretly and unexpectedly. That’s why a salesman does not guess therefore, about verification.

In order to begin research, a company must define their own aims. The frequency of visits of the mysterious buyers will depend from them. The questionnaires are worked out, which after verification the secret buyers should fill, and the same to estimate the level of the service. If research is directed on verification of personnel, the accents are in questionnaires, must be directed exactly on verification of level of the work of the office workers. For example, it is needed to define what service will be good, what excellent, and what satisfactory. At the estimation of the appearance, it is needed expressly to prescribe all factors, such as, presence and cleanness of the uniform. Another very important factor is a selection of the secret buyer. He must belong to the having a special purpose to the audience of the company. For instance, the estimation of the work in a bank, should give a man which has an experience in such establishment; and estimation of chewing-gums, different drinks, rapid meal or stationery is better to entrust to the students.

So, to begin the work, Mystery Shopper must expressly define, what points an evaluation will be on. More frequent than all he estimates the appearance and manners of personnel; skills of sales; level of knowledge of the salesman about a commodity which he offers; a conduct of personnel is in a conflict situation; the observance of norms of the service; work of service backup by phone and ability correct to treat with buyers; general atmosphere in a trading space. And also he can estimate the comfort of site of the point of sale, check up honesty of salespeople. At the same time, there are the programs of retail audit in research of Mystery Shopping. Secret buyers estimate the presence of commodity, it location, price and pos-materials. This method is widely used and within the framework of actions on the sales promotion.

The operation of «Mystery Shopper» is executed by means of visit or bell of the secret buyer to the point of sale, where he contacts with personnel, under the guise of ordinary buyer which wants to purchase one or another necessary for him products. Whereupon, on results a visit or bell, a secret buyer fills a questionnaire. Sometimes for confirmation of information he uses the hidden dictaphone or videotape recording, for what gets an additional pay.

For efficiency of the work a secret buyer must so estimate work of personnel, that research results could touch financial interests of every attendant worker, including a leader. Otherwise on research will not turn the special attention. The results of estimation of level of the service must be shifted in the system of remuneration of labor of the employees which are responsible for quality of the service. If revealed, that in a company all the same there are office workers who execute the work not high-quality, it is necessary to organize courses on teaching of the proper attitude to a client. Also the secret buyer should remember that plenty of the estimations means the superfluous expenses of customer, and an insufficient selection conduces to the incorrect analytical conclusions. So, the amount of the estimations needs to be expected coming from the amount of the maintenance staff, and than quick than estimation of mysterious buyer become accessible for the use, a greater effect will be given by the program.

The main condition of success of the program «Mystery Shopping» is an awareness of necessity to improve service and understanding that improving service without control of quality is impossible. It is needed to underline the positive side of the program, as it is a not method to find guilty, but possibility to expose excellent work.

The program Mystery shopping is directed on the improvement of relations of all workers of the service process. The personnel are lifted by the professional level, and the same strengthening an image and success of the company.