Международная студенческая научно-практическая конференция «Инновационное развитие государства: проблемы и перспективы глазам молодых ученых». Том 2

Naryzhnaya O.S., Burlakova O.M.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, Ukraine


As this stage many of people in Ukraine drink tea every day, but Ukraine has never been country of tea gourmets.

In a year one average countryman brews about 500 g of hot drink. For comparison, in Russia this number is at five, and in the UK – nine times higher. In addition, we have more drink industry teas than weight.

Format sale. Companies and private entrepreneurs engaged in the Ukrainian tea business, prefer to distribute the weight teas through retail outlets in major supermarkets, individual stall, for example, in the subway, as well as in their own stores. Large tea companies are also working on the franchise and provide luxury teas in cafes and restaurants.

Counting the cost of future tea facilities, you should remember that the customer should not only be comfortable to use this drink, but also easy to choose. The buyer must be able to see and touch what gets — before deciding to purchase, he can smell up to ten different kinds of.

It hardly needs to expect that customers will be especially somewhere to go for 100g even your favorite tea. The employers know about this and they try to place their outletsin the most crowded places. Often it is the large grocery supermarkets and shopping malls. The benefits of such a dislocation is obvious: buying, for example, products in the supermarket, the customer may at the same time and pick up his tea, which in this case is the product of a natural demand.

Since tea — warming drink, the peak of its consumption is on the cold months of the year: November – March. The main season runs from September to May and it is called "tea-period" because of 85-90% of sales.

Assortment in different formats Trade tea weight as a rule is usually not significantly different. Still, sellers should be specific to customers, taking tea at a stall near the metro and in a specialty store.

Specialty stores differs from stalls by a large assortment, you can take a chance and offer customers a more expensive (50-100 UAH. per 100 g) of fine teas of less well known brands. Tasting rooms help to sell these sorts of tea.

Interesting fact: the teas with the same name from different companies may differ in taste and saturation.

As a rule, one person works in small shops, and stores require minimum of two – the seller and expert in tasting room (of course, it depends on room size). The seller and the taster must know not only the names of tea or their taste, but should be prepared to convey this information to the buyer. The error in this business can be costly: if a customerbuys tea, which he did not like it, on your next purchase it will not be solved soon. Besides the fact that different teas may have different effects (tonic or sedative), varieties differ in flavor, which can be even sometimes unpleasant.

Staff trains to work in the tea business in different ways. Large companies are creating their own schools of tea skill like, for example, Kiev’s «Tea Club» or provide trainings directly on spots of retail outlets. For private companies this option is not available. And it's not always this makes sense: after all, trained in specialized schools includes the study of tea ceremony, which is unlikely to be useful to traders of small dots. Small private traders cost the trainings that are conducted on their own.

Tea culture comes to Ukraine through the capital, next — through Odessa and Kharkov, and after them — through Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk. In smaller towns the culture of tea drinking is not very spread, people there still prefer herbal teas prepared from self-collected plants. And in the western regions coffee is still more popular. In regions ofselling tea weight placed worse, primarily because of lower standards of living. Because tea weight is not a product of prime necessity, rather it belongs to the luxury.

Private entrepreneurs, selling teas, are hoping for the adoption decree is allowed to sell tea in bulk to retail outlets located in the subway and brew it there. According to entrepreneurs, such as wine tasting will be useful not only sellers but also customers.