Международная студенческая научно-практическая конференция «Инновационное развитие государства: проблемы и перспективы глазам молодых ученых». Том 2

Nedzelskaya M.M., Finogeeva O.V., Burlakova O.M.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, Ukraine


Sponsorship ¾ a relatively recently emerged, but it is extensively used by manufacturers as a worldwide promotional tool. It refers to the involvement of the sponsoring company to a specific project or campaign to achieve certain benefits, namely, enhancing brand awareness and loyalty to it from a potential customer.

In other words, represent sponsorship advertising, but with a touch of charity.

This phenomenon is not new: it has replaced the patronage over a hundred years ago. And today it’s not only losing ground, but it is gaining momentum, all demonstrating their effectiveness. According to statistics, the part of the manufacturer in sponsor’s projects can raise awareness of its brand at 15-52%.

Strengths of this method of promotion:

 • first, sponsorship can provide the advantage of the company in a competitive environment;

• sponsorship works to increase brand awareness, logo, which is associated with the action or event, sponsored by this brand;

• if the right approach sponsorship can significantly impact on customer loyalty, increasing it at times. The main condition for the solution of this problem is the maximum convergence of interests of the target audience and brand values ​​are the project.

 • sponsorships help companies to create or enhance the image of "a successful brand". Take part in other people's projects ̶ it means everything to prove its economic strength and dynamic development, to position itself as a socially important organizer of cultural events to demonstrate their civic stance to public. Thus sponsorship package ¾ it is always an indicator of success in a competitive environment that allows the company to strengthen the position in the market.

Depending on the amount of funds invested in the project the following types are distinguished:

¾ general sponsorship. The most preferred form. Such a prestigious and honorable status can have only one company. Its capital usually constitutes not less than 50% of the total project cost;

¾ official sponsorship. The right to have this status is accorded some companies. Each share of investment is 25%;

¾ information sponsorship. The various media play a role of a sponsor, whose tasks include extensive coverage of the project in every possible way, educating people about the new actions, drawing attention to the project;

¾ the technical sponsorship includes payment of sponsorship fee in goods or services provided.

Whatever the type and scope of any selected company, it is clear the sponsorship is a pretty powerful line of business, and mutually beneficial cooperation which is based on joint projects, one party gets funds for their development. The other ¾ perfectly working way of advertising yourself and your brand.

The favorite thing in this list can rightly be regarded as sponsorship of sporting events. Manufacturing companies are investing millions of dollars annually in support of their organization, implementation and development. Such activities are fully economically justified: huge investments give the opportunity to make themselves as sporting events traditionally gather the most massive audience.

The most successful example of a competent sponsorship in sports – activities of The Coca-Cola Company. The name of the company and sport have become inseparable. The world-famous company, leader in the production of drinks more than a dozen years is a constant sponsor of the Olympic Games, football Cup FIFA World Cup in hockey, major tennis tournaments and other sporting events.

In second place sponsorship for culture and art. Here, the most promising is the sponsorship of specific television programs and feature films shows, buying which is quite costly channels, so they are forced to turn to the support of sponsors, which, in turn, is willing to invest in the proposed projects. Sponsor of the evening movie is a frequent speaker TM Nescafe Gold, owned by the world's largest concern for the production of food products the company Nestle.

A very generous sponsorship of occupation is in the social sphere. Its tasks include health issues, assistance to vulnerable populations, support for education, organization of children's leisure activities, sponsoring scientific forums, competitions for young talents, etc.

An example of a sponsor's participation in social activities may be the Russian representation of The Coca-Cola Company, which is organizing and sponsoring children's neighborhood football championships in several Russian cities during the summer holidays.

Many producers of goods and services for a long time have adopted this method of promotion and actively use it as a tool to attract attention to their own brand. Thanks to these companies and their entrepreneurial leadership sponsorship gradually penetrates into all spheres of human activity. The most fashionable and attractive for sponsoring today are sport, culture and art, as well as the social sphere.

With each passing year the popularity of sponsorship in Ukraine is constantly being grown. According to statistics, the growth of sponsorship was 23% in 2010. This is a fairly high figure. Given that this period was the global financial crisis.