Международная студенческая научно-практическая конференция «Инновационное развитие государства: проблемы и перспективы глазам молодых ученых». Том 3

Ivakhnik A.V., Mashchenko L.V., Kostiv V.K.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, Ukraine


The main task for promoting any website is to collect, analyze and keep a record of site statistics. With their help, it is possible to monitor the activity of visitors, recognize traffic sources, identify demanded and abandoned content, figure out the different technical specifications, but if added to the listed capacity a heat map, which is the main attribute of testing usability, you will know almost everything about the actions of visitors to the site analyzed .

It is quite important to understand all the benefits of analysis tools for choosing the best plan for promotion. It is necessary to correctly assess what data, what specific information can be obtained by using some function of the tools as they exist quite a lot, some of them are designed for beginners optimization, some of them do require professional skills.

It is important to consider the application that some tools to analyze site traffic can bear the load and reduce the speed of loading pages, others – no. Even among means of a single set of tools it is difficult to make the best decision for one’s own resource.

Web analytics helps in various aspects of improving site traffic. Here are the main ones:

ü Development of the functionality of the site based on the trends in the behavior of visitors,

ü Assessment of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in the Internet,

ü Identification of problem areas in the structure, navigation and content site.

Statistics of sections attendance and web pages of the site allows to determine and analyze:

ü number of viewed Web pages,

ü keywords and phrases on which visitors find the site in search engines,

ü geography of visitors,

ü the time spent on the web page by the visitor,

ü Transitions between Web pages,

ü audience site (random, regular visitors),

ü easy site navigation for visitors and others [1].

Statistics makes it possible to improve the impressions of visitors of the site in some way to upgrade the design and think through the most efficient conversions. With usage of statistics one can improve the profitability of investment in a website, increase conversions, and so one may earn more capital in the Internet.

Having handed over to the analysis different types of analyzers, we can conclude that the choice of web analytics tools depends on the needs and professional skills. Thus, the most easy to use are the counters, they have information indispensable to the beginner optimizer and, in general, are quite popular, because it is very convenient and easy to evaluate the activity of website visitors in real time, one should also note that there is no load on the client's server that is the greatest advantage.

If we evaluate the log – analyzers, for their full usage, nevertheless, you must have a sufficiently high qualifications and professional skills, but a noticeable advantage is the high functionality of the log – the analyzers. They provide more accurate data on the number of visitors of the site, allow us to solve more specific and complex tasks, create your own specific reports [2].

On the whole, yet most effective, today, are the systems of web statistics. This choice was made because such systems are intuitively understandable and allow you to get information on almost all the known parameters along which are usually held the most successful recording and analysis of statistics of the visits of the site.

As for choosing between the systems of Internet statistics, the site owners have a wide selection, but still preferred in the analysis appeared, one of the convenient and functional system is Google Analytics, but of course, and it is an alternative in the form Yandeks.Metrika.

The system ClickTale provides an opportunity to see where the mouse was at a visitor (since it is correlated with the movements of the human eye), thus makes it possible to define the active areas and is an excellent method for analyzing the usability of the site. With it you simply analyze the quality of content, as well as the correct location of units on the site [3].

Using the capabilities of different analysis tools is simple enough to follow the popular site, to determine the demographics of visitors, as well as various technical data such as browser version, operating system, screen resolution. With this information it is easy to identify its target users, modify the code resource, as well as the right to determine the necessary functions of the site, the implementation of cross-browser.

The most important feature of systems of analysis is possibility to determine the haunted and abandoned altogether pages, and as a result by relying on the findings, to consider and mark up them competently. In the popular pages on the eye-catching places to place the blocks with unpopular content, which would increase thus the number of their reviews, but neglected to copy and mark up the template, frequently visited.

Certainly, the analysis is an essential component of effective existence and development of the site on the Internet. Does the accounting statistics fulfill its purpose? Does it really bring the target audience? Or there come do casual visitors, who immediately do close the page. Does the site meet technical specifications being necessary for users required users to specifications? All this should be reviewed periodically to successfully promote your site to take timely decisions to change course and direction of optimization operations [4].


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