Andrusiak I. M., Reutskova O. N.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


The time of total reducing of budgets of real estate agencies for advertising is gradually passing. Real estate marketing has become more efficient at the expense of using branding and creative components, and public relations.

Any company, operating in the real estate sector, is actively trying to lure customers away from competitors, and increasing competition helps to stimulate the development and improvement of new creative marketing technologies. Trivial rumors and word-of-mouth marketing mean a lot for real estate advertising.

With professional approach marketing is used from the beginning of work on the creation of real estate and goes on throughout the life of the object. However, we are talking about the secondary real estate, most of which was built years ago. Marketing strategy is being developed in order to find potential tenants. The next step after studying the object’s target audience is the choice of marketing communications of the optimum cost.

On the basis of the sale of the secondary real estate in Ukraine, the following basic marketing communications are the most efficient.

·  Television as real estate advertising media has fairly high cost limits of effectiveness, but to perceive the message, the client should see it at least six times. And this is too expensive for advertising resale properties.

·  Outdoor advertising (billboards, banners, city signs, etc.) is the most effective way to inform the target group. Outdoor advertising has a spot influence on the local community, which is a potential customer base for realtors.

·  Print ad is the type of advertising that involves placing text messages or pictures in the mass media. Along with the commercial units and advertisements developers provide comments to the press, articles, news about the object and its position in the property market.

·  One of the most effective and commonly used ways of real estate promotion is targeted advertising for interested audience.

·  All real estate companies are actively using or trying to benefit from Internet. Realtors, who have their own websites, post information about projects there. In this case, visitors are provided with detailed information about the technical characteristics of the building, infrastructure of the facility, pictures and business conditions.

·  There’s just one type of advertising that can compete with the cost of Internet PR: it is advertisements on the house entrances and bus stops, which are used very often in Ukrainian real estate marketing communications, but nevertheless are considered to be one of the least effective methods.

·  Escalator panels at the exits of underground are also used as an additional real estate advertising media.

·  In the regions, layout presentations and videos, advertising stickers on the cars of electric trains are often used to promote real estate.

·  Real estate merchandising involves organizing shows at the facility, as well as methods of visualizing its benefits, starting with the visual attractiveness of the object.

By virtue of mentality executives of Ukrainian companies generally try to independently implement all stages of the business process. Outsourcing companies have widely spread in all developed countries in the recent decades, but not in Ukraine. Domestic companies are afraid of losing control; they avoid trusting outsiders trade secrets, many of them are reluctant to change.

Marketing services in the real estate market are a promising and popular trend, the growing demand for which shows the development of the real estate market and its civilization. Property marketing is focused not only on the profitable sale of the object, but also promotes consumer awareness, creation of civilized relations between the company and its customers, as well as the market operators themselves.

Taking into account the confidential nature of relationships in the real estate, we can predict rapid development of creative marketing techniques aimed at both direct sales and strengthening the reputation of the company, as well as public relations and branding of real estate companies.