Kruglyak V. P., Kaliberda N. V., Riumina N. V.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


fig.1.cottageThe usage of solar light and heat is known to be a clean, simple and natural way of obtaining all the required forms of energy. It is with the help of solar collectors and proper use of the sun that the heating of dwelling houses, hot water and power supplies are feasible.

With the help of IT I’ve made a model of an up-to-date cottage which uses in full active and passive solar energy. There are also models of a green-house and a shower on the territory of the facility, where the use of the new technologies is suggested in order to improve power supply.

fig.2.cottageSolar energy that comes to the house hits the solar batteries installed on the roof and changes directly into electric energy. This pro­cess is called photoelectrical effect. In such cases the autonomous photo­electrical elements are usually used. They are able to utilize this energy or collect it in special batteries. From within the structure there are large premises where a lot of solar light comes through the glass roof.

fig.3.The showerThe shower is an excellent example of solar energy use for heating household water. My construction of the object helps to direct and concentratesun rays with the help of dished spherical surface (solar concentrator). The water tank is specially painted in black for better light absorption.

fig.4.Green-houseGreen-houses in cottages are the best assistants in gardening. During its designing I’ve added several innova­tions to improve its functions. First of all some sections are made not just of trans­pa­rent glass but also covered with semi mirror tape that partially reflects sun rays. Se­cond­ly, (as water has the highest thermal capacity) there are black tubes filled with water settled along the whole perimeter. Those tubes are to accumulate the heat at daytime and return it back at night. That would enhance a green­house effect and accelerate the growth of the plants.

This model is worked out with the use of SketchUp program which is an illustrative examp­le of modern technologies for objects construc­tion usage. Since the solar energy has already started to work up today’s market, its use in the presented project is quite topical and actual.