Hamryk E. A., Shkil N. A.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


Scientific and technical development, acknowledged in the whole world as a major factor of economic progress is connected with the concept of innovative process in western and domestic literature. As the American economist James Brayt marked: «It is a unique process, which combines science, technique, economy, enterprise and management». It consists of getting innovation and stretches from the origin of the idea to its commercial realization, thus, all complex of intercommunications: production, exchange, consumption.

Practically as well as any other policy, it is different in different countries, though it is depended on the same purpose – to stimulate innovative activity and to develop scientific and technical potential. In accordance with international standards an innovation is determined as final point of innovative activity.

Presently the most actual problem is effective management of innovative activity, regardless of size and pattern of enterprise ownership.

Interesting for consideration are innovations in a bank services sector, the main direction of which today is development and perfection of calculation-cashdesk software, which gives possibility for clients to arrange their payments, staying in a house or an office. On the one hand these processes are very effective, but on another hand – extra attention is paid to them, when the other bank tools are not almost inculcated.

In this sphere there are mostly developed innovative services:

1. The internet – ekvayring (a constituent of electronic commerce, which takes into account calculations with organizations of electronic commerce on operations which are carried out with the use of bank maps in the Internet. Unfortunately today in Ukraine only a few commercial banks can offer services of this type. In the Ukrainian banks there is not a deficit of IT- specialists, which are able to develop the proper software, however there is no great demand on such a service as having a special purpose audience, which is not ready to use the Internet – technologies in carrying out their calculation operations and the system of enterprises accounting is unable to reform according to new requirements yet. unfortunately it is necessary to mark that even the best standards of the Ukrainian systems of the internet – banking can not compete with the same systems in the developed countries. If in ES and USA systems of on-line payments are automated, in domestic banks, as a rule, these payments are served by bank operators handwritten. For example, in the USA the internet-banking is used by 4 from 10 Americans, and in Ukraine this number is in 20 times as few as the state on 2012 year. In the USA and Europe a client of the internet-banking can not only check up the state of the account and to transfer money but also order pay maps, open deposits, buy or sell currency.

2. New deposit decisions. Interesting for introduction today are deposits with the program of insurance, by which a bank transfers percents to an insurance company on an account as a life-insurance or as a payment, for example, to the tourist insurance or to the policy of KASKO. As a model of partnership in this case is collaboration of one of the greatest banks in Ukraine «Prominvestbank» with an insurance company «Veksel», which is subsidiaries of «Prominvestbank».

3. Multicurrency holding accounts (a time deposit in few currencies – mostly uah, dollar, euro. Majority of banks use policy of deposits, which are in different currencies (evro/dolr)).

4. Private banking (it is a system of relations between a client and a bank, which is characterized by the personal approach to a client, complexity of services which are given, high quality service). Such principles are fixed in a basis of private banking:

- avouching for a client the maximal confidentiality of all services;

- possibility of accessing to the top management of a bank;

- accordance of service character to the specific requirements of a client, an individual approach;

- presence of the personal manager which works by the personal contact with a client and in the comfortable for a client sentinel mode;

- the highest quality and the level of service;

- orientation to the long term business collaboration.

Some of the Ukrainian banks («Privatbank», «BG Bank», «OTP BANK, «Ukrsocbank») are already implementing into the system with elements of private banking. Interesting is that fact, that all of these banks have different approach for the determination of it: one of the banks paid special attention to the consultancy, where as the others – to additional services for vip-clients. Ukrainian banks, unfortunately, do not have such effective and well-function service of private banking system, as the system the Internet – ekvayring.

5. Emission of the «privileged» plastic cards. A considerable potential of development includes in emission of the «privileged» plastic cards. Such cards as of World Signia an (international plastic system MasterCard International) and Visa Infinite (an international pay system Visa International) occupy a higher step in the hierarchy of bank cards all over the world.