Kuzmenko N., Bezugly V., Tsvetayeva O.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


Life appeared on earth about 2,5 million years ago, but we have crossed the threshold of balance, which is necessary for the existence of our planet. The global problems of our time accompanied mankind throughout history. Widespread environmental problems gained processes such as desertification, mining, pollution of soil, the destruction offorests.

Today the most urgent problem is a waste-free production in the mining of minerals. All minerals are under the ground. People, use number of instruments and mechanisms to get them out that are do not always positively effect on nature. The problem is that a significant amount of waste accumulate in areas where coal preparation plants and coal mines. Overall, there is not clean production in man-made systems.

An oil disaster was happened in the Gulf Mexico. The oil rig «Deepwater Horizon» exposed, resulting in deaths of 11 workers, most tower felt, tons of crude oil turned on the ocean. 4.9 million barrels of oil got into the Bay, polluting the coast, smashing towns destroying economy and the environment. The accident in the Gulf of Mexico, where after the explosion and sinking drilling platform formed a huge oil slick on the water, was the first huge disaster in history. To eliminate it, as experts note, they may have to useextraordinary means, and the consequences of an event can make review of the development plans for offshore oil production.

There are also disadvantages in mining of solid minerals. Coal and oil shale are mined by open and mining methods. They both have negative consequences. But mining method is considered the most dangerous. Coal to oil fields are located at great depths, so they have to dig deeper, that subsequently leads to the subsidence of land.

In November 18, 2007 on mine named after “Zasyad`ko” (in Donetsk region) occurred the biggest incident in the history of Ukraine, 106 people were killed and 156 were wounded. Consequently there were two blasts – on December 1, injured 54 of miners and on December 2, 5 more miners were added. Only after that its work was suspended.

Statistical data on accidents as a result of accidents due to explosions and sudden shaft of methane emissions from coal and gas, a slight decrease their rates in the last decadecompared with the previous one.

Fig. 1.The dynamics of industrial accidents in coal mines Ukraine

Fig. 1.The dynamics of industrial accidents in coal mines Ukraine

 In preventing the explosions it is necessary to consider their origin and their nature. For these dangerous horizons and faces, as well as mines, there are two options: to stopcoal mining or to degase and gradually transit to underground coal gasification. Of course, the last option is economically justified and the only possible, both in terms of industrial safety of explosive mines, and the ensuring the country's own energy.

 In concluding, we must understand that mankind now has entered a qualitatively new stage of interaction with the natural environment, extensive use of his resources. Minerals planet of Earth's biosphere are limited and well-defined parameters and values. So, the actions of society must now be balanced and proportionate to the current environmental situation and must not come into a conflict with the natural and environmental laws lead to negative and irreversible processes.