Koretskaya J., Osadchaya L., Tsvetaeva O.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


Hydrosphere is the unique cover of Earth. The total hydrosphere's volume makes a bit less than 1.5 billons kilometers. Ocean takes 94%, 4% goes on internal waters and 1.6% of water resources contains in glaciers. So, hydrosphere is introduced by:

- the world's ocean,

- surface freshwaters,

- groundwater.

Water is the basis of everything that surrounds us, water creates life. Humanity can survive without food for a really long time, but, it will hardly survive without water. In addition, a man itself consist of water by 80%.

Water in our organism is contained in all the systems and organs. It is contained lymph (96%) and spreads nutrients all over the organism and in blood (79%) and transfers thousands of dissolved substances needed by our organism all over the circulatory system. Water participates in all the oxidation-reduction reactions and clearing processes of our organism. It regulates the body temperature, wets the air for breathing, provides the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to all the body cells. [1.]

 The specific hydrosphere's property is its poverty and continuity, it penetrates overall and connects all the rest spheres with itself. For example it can be contained in atmosphere like the water steam. Water has the unique chemical and physical features that helps it to react with the most of substances, for example between organisms and environment , between land and ocean.

 One of the most important chemical feature is that the water is a universal solvent. It can dissolve any solid substance, even the most solid. It not only takes the form of vessel it contains, but it contains dissolved materials of this vessel. That's why nobody could get absolutely clean (chemically clean) water without adds.

 Hydrosphere has the special move that makes the basis of water cycle in nature. This is the process of cycling water in geographical cover that connects all the natural processes, provides plants, animals and humans with freshwaters. The primary planet organization is connected with water cycle. Also, we need to put attention on the fact that the water was exactly the first substance on the Earth, it became the basis of all the life, because the first organisms started developing in its unknown bowels.

 Today the most global problems of humanity are connected with hydrosphere in one way or another.

 This problem together with all the water resources (rivers, lakes, groundwater, seas, oceans) pollution brings the huge problem of freshwater reduction that is the important fact for the earth's inhabitants. The next problem is for the world's ocean, it's connected with saving and rational use of its space and resources. The result of active usage of ocean's resources is the many times intensified "demographical pressure" on the ocean's environment. And the waste of ocean's ecology bring the horrible backwashes for people and ocean's inhabitants.

 It total, the human activity is rather ruinous for hydrosphere. The fabric wastes, garbage dumping, ship crashes that not always carry safe products. Also, we don't have to forget about ware cycle as it absorbs everything in atmosphere including smog and exhaust. And far the unknown reasons a man never think that first of all he harms himself, exactly you will drink that water, your kids will swim in chemically polluted seas, eat unhealthy fish and so on. It's time to think about that humans!

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