Rudakova  O., Olinovych Yu., Komarova L.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


Research is dedicated to creating a program that contains a collection of animated short cartoons in mathematics on various topics, and handy for the quickly creation of their own cartoon.

The program was created in the programming environment Delphi 7 with using standard and non-standard components. The program used non-standard components like: Shockwave Flash, which allows you watching the videos in *.swf format; Cartoons created in Macromedia Flash 8; Adobe Photoshop.

This program is designed in order to interest children because using the information technology diversifies the traditional forms of teaching and solves a variety of tasks: markedly increases the visibility of studying, ensures its differentiation, facilitates the control of students' knowledge and increases the interest to the subject and the cognitive activity of students.

Actuality of the theme lies in the fact that many children are losing their desire to study the subjects, such as mathematics, saying that it's a boring science. With its work author wanted to emphasize the beauty of mathematics and to encourage pupils' interest. Roger Bacon said: "The one who does not know mathematics can’t learn any other science and can’t even reveal its ignorance". In fact, you can't live without mathematics now, just because it is one of the main subjects at passing examinations at admission into higher education institutions. Therefore math teachers try to make lessons beautiful not only on the merits of mathematical thought, but also by its presentation form.

menuAs a result of working on the topic "Animated mathematics" was created a program that allows teachers to conduct more interesting lessons by rendering material.

By clicking the inscription "Main Menu" you will get to the menu of the program. When you're pointing to a specific menu item, it is highlighted and then by clicking it you proceed to appropriate section.

The program consists of four main sections: "Create your own cartoon", "Collection of cartoons", "Applications", "Help" and button "Exit".

menuIn the section "Create your own cartoon" the user can frame by frame create a short cartoon by using drawing tools, color changes and text, and save it in the format of the author. You can also set your desired interval between frames and then view your created material. For more advanced drawing, as an additional feature, was created a small vector editor.

menuIn the section "Collection of cartoons" you can view the cartoons presented in the list and also download cartoons created in the program. Information is presented in Flash-player and in the player with the format of the author. Choosing a specific menu item from the list of video files, loads the video you need to the window of video player.

menumenuIn the section "Applications" user can use his mathematical knowledge to solve puzzles, which allows the user not only use his knowledge in practice, but also spend time with the benefit and pleasure.

With the help of section "Help", the user can view the information about using the program, the system requirements for the program and actually about the program itself.

The program is primarily intended to be used by teachers to explain the material. But students can also use it at home. This work is very useful for using it’s during the mathematics lessons at the educational institution of information technology. In general, the program can be used by all concerned people.

This research work has a great chance to become a top class educational program. In perspective: increasing the number of video files, increasing opportunities for creating cartoons and increasing interesting material. We believe that this work will bring many benefits to students and teachers who want to diversify the forms and methods of studying.