Rudenko S. D., Zemlyana S. V., Kaliberda N. V.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


The growing rates of unemployment and increase of its duration require a rise of the efficiency of activity in state employment service, and first of all of its lower units, clear organization of their activity. Scientifically grounded technology of service of the unemployed population in the employment centers with application of a Unique informativeanalytical system of employment service of Ukraineis directed to fulfill this task.

The Unique informativeanalytical system of employment service of Ukraine is a global informative system, which combines all Ukrainian employment centers, and provides IT support in providing of social services and organization of work with personnel.

A primary purpose of theUnique technology of service of unemployed population is creation of an important element of a new system of social protectionand self-protection of population, adapted to the terms of market; an increase of work efficiency of state employment asfor providing of social services for unemployed people and employers.

A primary purpose of creation of the Unique informative analytical system “Service of employment of Ukraine” is providing of:

-  realization of the national policy of employment, professional orientation, training and retraining, employment and social support of citizens, which are temporarily unemployed in labour activity.

-  analysis and prognosis of demand for labor, informing of population and state self-government departments about the state of the labor market.

The Unique informative analytical system of employment service of Ukraine is intended for informative supporting and automation of business processes.

The Unique informative analytical system of employment service of Ukraine consists of the following components:

-  group of subsystems “Social Services and Fund”;

-  group of subsystems “Informing” (internet-portal of the State employment service of Ukraine,

-  group of subsystems “Budgeting”;

-  group of subsystems “Accounting and analytics offinancial activity”;

-  group of subsystems “Accounting of time and wages”;

-  group of subsystems “Record-keeping”.

Thus, introduction of the Uniqueinformative analytical system of employment service of Ukraine forms a unique informative space with the aim of more effective regulation of employment of population.