Lipinskaya E., Kirakosyan A.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


Relevance of innovation model of economic development of countries determined skyrocketing influence information security innovation, technological progress and development of innovative market environment. Thanks to radical innovations that have a high potential market penetration, entrepreneurs receive additional income, which is directed not only to develop their own business and meet increasingly high demands, as well as the introduction and use of innovations in different sectors of activity. Therefore, the desire and the real action entities are key to economic development – sustainable balanced quantitative and qualitative changes that lead to improvement of socio-economic and political situation in the country. But such a transformation is ambiguously assessed by general public as they created a number of problems (environmental degradation, worsening demographic situation and food, increased differentiation of the population by the level and quality of life), without the solution to which, it is not only impossible to further economic growth, but also significantly increases the likelihood of a global crisis. Given such economic problems and financial risks in the state innovation policy chief importance is the implementation of an effective model of innovation development of Ukraine.

To achieve a desired purpose, as a system of priorities of the country’s innovation development should be set, namely to:

– restructure Ukraine’s economy on the basis of technological renovation in accordance with its internal requirements and the requirements of development of partner countries, primarily in the EU, to enhance the competitiveness of the domestic economy and find its own technological niche in the system of international economic relations;

– speed up international lending and investing in both joint innovation projects and those executed by national project developers for account of foreign financial institutions and also for account of combined sources of financing.

The integration of Ukraine’s technological priorities into the world scientific-technological space and the harmonization of institutional regulators, their structure, substance and instruments of technological cooperation – legal, IT, organizational, managerial – and the evolution of Ukraine’s state technological and innovation policy will facilitate the choice of international cooperation on a bilateral and multilateral basis.

As a general conclusion, it should be pointed out that the growth of Ukraine’s innovation potential is an imperative condition for the implementation of a consistent policy of Eurointegration. The objective stimulus of deepening the integration processes between the countries of Central Europe and Ukraine requires adequate institutional reforms. There is an urgent need to assimilate the model of innovation development, introduce on its basis industrial systems of manufacturing, overcome the deep diffe­rentiation in the population’s incomes, and ensure advancing economic growth rates.

To the institutional conditions of bringing into accord the national interests of the participants in the Eurointegration process concerning innovation, the following should be referred: alignment of Ukraine’s legislation with EU legislation; precise determination of functions, powers and obligations of government agencies; all-round support of elements of an effectual innovation system and elaboration of actions to promote its entry into the EU markets.

Synchronization of the pace and quality of economic growth should be the priority condition of speeding up the Eurointegration process in the area of scientific, techno­logical and innovation activity.