Maykovska M. V., Yarovenko T. S.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


Under rapid development of market economy, the role and place of profit in the economic process is continuously growing. It is the main stimulus of conduct of economic activity and it covers interests of all the entities involved in this activity, namely: businessmen, personnel of enterprise and state. Providing dynamics of steady development of an enterprise is determined by its possibility to carry out financing of reproductive process on the extended basis. For this purpose, it is necessary first of all, to get the profit of certain size and quality that provides extended recreation of an enterprise.

The matters of strategic management of a profit are actively discussed in home and foreign scientific literature. Its separate aspects in details are highlight in scientific works of І. Т. Balabanova, А. М. Bandura, G. G. Kireytsev, І. Blanka, S. Baranceva, L.Ligonenko, А. Mazaraki, A. Podderohina, N. Ushakov, N. Chumachenko, A. Sheremet.

Strategic management of enterprise profits means the process of the strategic changes directed to reorientation of operating strategy of management of enterprise profits taking into account conformity of its internal possibilities with environmental conditions.

The primary purpose of enterprise functioning is the guarantee of cost-effective work and making a profit. A profit is the reward; an enterprise gets for the risk that takes place in case of its offer for product sale. It is the money left after total costs are deducted from the total enterprise revenue.

One of the most difficult tasks in the enterprise is the optimal profit management. This policy is called to represent the requirements of general strategy of enterprise development, provide increase of its value at the market, form the necessary volume of financial resources and satisfy material interests of owners and staff.

To increase effectiveness of enterprise activity it is necessary to form effective profit control system that is seen as essence of interrelated elements, each of which performs a specific operation. Their joint activity provides a mechanism to make a profit of a given value. This system must be divided into six main blocks: purpose, principles and objectives of management, management mechanism, organizational support, informational support, methods of analyzing profit, monitoring the implementation of planning profit.

The structure of mechanism of enterprise profit management involves the market mechanism for regulating the formation and disposition the profits, state laws and regulation of the formation issues and allocation of profits, internal mechanism of the regulation of certain formation, distribution and disposition of profit, the system of specific methods and techniques of profit management implementation.

Strategy of enterprise profit management is the sum total of interconnected functionally organized unit related to specific tasks, as well as a set of financial and mathematical methods that form methodological base of coordination of model’s blocks. In its turn, the method of enterprise profit management can be defined as the following: method of management of an economic entity, totality of specific techniques, technologies, methods and ways of grounding managerial financial solution on formation of costs and profit, and also forms of their implementation to ensure an acceptable level of profitability of financial and economic activity of such economic entity.

The development of strategy of enterprise profit management is based on one of the basic strategies taking into account the period of its life cycle. For the period of the basic strategy rise is the strategy of growth. As a strategy of profit management is recommended achievement activities, providing minimum level of profitability and achieving target profit. During the period of stabilizing it is suggested to apply the strategy of rate’s maintenance of profit increase taking into account inflation. Development of this strategy includes sustainable profitability. The recession period requires stable positions in the market. Under such conditions, at presence of base strategy of enterprises survival it is recommended to apply one of the strategies of profit management: the strategy of insurance once of a minimum profitability level or strategy of break-even of activity.

So, the most important indicator of the resulting economic enterprise is profit, which reflects the performance. Find replenishment, material encouragements of workers, tax payment depend on an earned profit. Availability of profit indicates that the company’s costs are covered by its revenues primarily from the sale of goods and services. The aim of every enterprise’s activity is to make profits and income, which in the conditions of market economy present basis of economic development. Nowadays there are changes that influence on approaches to enterprise a management. These changes play a new role of profit for enterprise activity. For effective management of an enterprise on the whole and such important index, as profit, in particular, it’s necessary to improve of existent tools.