Nedzelskaya M. M., Kasian S. Y., Reutskova O. M.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


Extensive application of wireless technologies, active work on their improvement and availability a great number of clients create favorable conditions for the development of mobile marketing and effective promotion of its products and services. The presence of feedback increases the effectiveness of sales promotion.

Information technology can significantly improve the efficiency of marketing, as it allows organizations to establish closer relationships with customers, to learn their needs better and meet their expectations faster.

Means of communication is short message service (SMS), multimedia messaging service (MMS), the ability to combine text with simple graphics and sounds, mobile internet via wireless access (WAP), WAP Push services and full multimedia services in the third generation networks (3G).

Mobile marketing has a lot of advantages which distinguish it from other forms of marketing. It is able to be easily integrated into the traditional, developed earlier and ongoing advertising campaign. This allows modeling the most effective and widespread marketing mix, making advertising campaign most effective and targeted, active use of the information obtained due to the contacts with end-users have a real or potential interest in the brand.

Technical features of mobile devices are also advantages of mobile marketing. They are used by organizations as a means of communication with their customers. Phones, PDAs, smartphones and other similar devices have such features as widespread availability, readiness for operation at any time and any place, they are owned by the majority of potential customers, they are relatively cheap and easy to use. In addition, such devices most of the time are easy to reach for their owners.

In addition to the obvious advantages mobile marketing also has some disadvan­tages. One of them is the targeting predominantly young audience, the audience with the average income and above average, inflexibility of mobile operators. Mobile marketing has become the new technology platform for interaction of companies and their customers. Only the SMS-mailing or actions in short numbers for its relatively short history have proved to be effective and economical communication channel for promotion or increase of brand loyalty.

It should be noted that at the SMS-marketing a consumer acts as the initiator and first sends a request to receive promotional SMS-mailing. Consumer interest in obtaining information turns him into a true advertiser’s partner. This allows a company to advertise exactly what a potential client wants. Not pre-approved by the recipient of SMS-sending is spam and not related to mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing has a huge development potential. It concerns both improvement of wireless networks and mobile devices themselves. It is expected to be an increase and a significant improvement of the quality of the screens shortly. Sensor technology is being introduced. Some work is being performed to increase the operational time supplied with rechargeable batteries, and memory volume of mobile phones. All these innovations will allow better use of the multimedia content to mobile marketing. The active development of information technology will make the Internet more accessible, affordable and fast. All this will lead to the fact that a number of effective tools for mobile marketing will be supplemented with promotional video and existing mobile TV. Market growth is also assisted by the fact that both consumers and sellers of goods and services are showing interest in mobile marketing.

Currently, mobile market has already begun to develop its potential, and it has become a tool of efficient and demanded means of sales promotion. More and more advertising and marketing companies are using to a variety of modern technologies, working to attract potential customers with the tools for mobile marketing, creating and optimizing mobile or WAP-version of their information.

Mobile marketing offers new opportunities for business, it is able to introduce the into element of interactivity marketing organization to transfer marketing strategy of the to make marketing strategy completely new.