Shamanskaya A. E., Beschastna D. A., Rieznik M. A.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


The construction sector is one of the most important systems of national economy, the efficiency of the entire system of management of the country depends on it. The reason for this is the fact that the building complex creates a great number of jobs and consumes products of many sectors of economy, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, machine building, timber industry, transport, etc. The construction industry is most closely connected with the industry of building materials. Currently, the construction market of Ukraine isn’t developing as it should, it is in the phase of formation.

The transition from the centrally-controlled to the market economy has had a significant influence on the development of the construction industry in our country. It has contributed to the following problems that hamper the development of the construction market:

• lack of a reliable, high-quality integrated information system in the construction market (it is characterized by the low culture of construction and installation works, inadequate quality of building materials);

• imperfect regulatory and legal framework (especially as concerns housing and mortgage lending);

• under-devised legal, technical, ethical approaches to the regulation of relations between the members of the construction market;

• poor quality of construction (annually, large sums of money are spent on the elimination of defects (about 3-5% of the cost of construction and repairs));

• lack of funding (a significant reduction in state centralized capital investments, a decrease in investment opportunities of the majority of market participants, impo­verishment of a considerable number of people);

• liquidation of large construction branches;

• lack of skilled workers (this is connected with the fact that construction profes­sions are not prestigious among young people because of insufficient payment compared with the large labour inputs. At the same time, thousands of skilled construction workers leave our country to work abroad, and low-skilled self-taught people take their place).

Thus, we can conclude that the construction market of Ukraine requires changes, namely, there is the need to create specialized information centers that ensure collection, systematization and presentation of reliable information to all interested structures of the construction market; to modernize the technical facilities of the building material industry, with further mechanization and automation of technological processes, rational use of raw materials, reduction in the anthropogenic impact on the environment and pollution rate of its components; to awake the interest of foreign companies in marketing their industrial equipment in Ukraine; to introduce quality control systems, that work in accordance with international standards, to building organizations, this measure will allow solving several issues at the same time: it will reduce the manufacture of poor-quality building products, increase the competitiveness of construction products, repair and construction works, services, allow our construction companies to enter international markets; to devise new methods for calculating building structures, for research and testing structures and materials needed to design and create modern safe and reliable construction projects; to improve the financial mechanism of the construction sector, which is characterized by the use of new sources and forms of funding.

This classification will help to fully assess all the causes and problems that hamper the development of the construction market of our country. If we solve all the problems, the industry will reach a new level, the higher one, and most sectors of the economy will improve, as well.