Sobko Y. I., Reutskova O. N., Beschastna D. A

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


The problem. Modern stage of national economy`s development is characterized by a greater tendency of domestic business structures to the own economic activity on their responsible basis, taking into account the qualitative changes in the environmental, social and political components of society`s development. Nowadays, the ecological range of problems has come to the list of the most important issues, which have appeared with all inevitability before mankind in the era of scientific and technical progress. Urgent problems of modernity are organically linked with it, the future of our civilization depends on the solution of these problems – the problem of the world and the issues of social progress, problems of demography, economy and energy, technology and health care, education, law, and many others.

The formulation of the problem. The aim of the article is to explore general aspects of the social responsibility of business and identify ways of establishing the ecological balance due to the increasing of social responsibility of enterprises.

The presentation of the basic material of the research. Social responsibility of a business in our country is at the stage of formation and is still a problem of secondary significance in the economic policy of enterprises now. But all economically developed countries of the world pay more attention to social problems both inside and outside of organizations, and the understanding of the importance of a «moral» factor in the business is becoming a guarantee of business success.

With the acceleration of economic development the economic familiarization of the nature is being made, the usage of natural materials and of all resources is being intensified. With theexponential growth of production all production resources are growing, increasing the usage of capital, the flow of raw materials and energy, solid substances and wastes, which are increasingly polluting the environment.

The formation of ecological consciousness in the modern era, on the opinion of many scientists, is in four main areas: scientific, expressed in an effort to implement existing theoretical and practical knowledge about the existing communications in the natural world, about how you can avoid their violation in the course of production activity; economic – is expressed in the realisation of economic unprofitableness of manufacturing activity, which destroys the human environment; the cultural – manifests itself in an effort to preserve the natural environment as an element of cultural environment; political finds manifestation in people's desire to create conditions for the existence of appropriate human dignity.

It is worth noting, that at the present stage of the development of mankind it`s necessary to have experienced specialists in the branches of economy and ecology, which would create preconditions for formation of the population of elements of a modern vision and understand the importance and the need for careful handling yourself in the natural environment. Today there is a need for implementation of environmental education with the aim to enhance the sense of responsibility of each person for the conservation and rational using of the environment, bearing in mind not only the interests of the present, but also future generations. The obligatory condition for the functioning of the environmental management system is constant improvement of the processes of environmentally-oriented development of an enterprise.

Conclusions. Summing up, we should note, that the social responsibility is an important part of effective enterprise management. The efforts of the managers and marketing specialists need to send to a departure from the unwanted, the conscious or unconscious negative effect on the ecosystem for the benefit of strategies socially responsible environmental marketing. Only by applying the principles of environmental and socio-responsible attitude of enterprises to their products, consumers, employees, partners, active social position, which is in harmonious co-existence, cooperation and constant dialogue with the society, participation in solving the most acute social problems can be achieved success in business.