Tertyshna O. O., Shkil N. O., Stasiuk Y. M.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


Aerospace industry plays an important political and economic role in the development of Ukraine. It largely determines industrial potential and the prestige of the state: its companies supply the domestic and foreign markets with their products, place orders in other sectors of the economy and create work places. Today, the aerospace industry is ahead of other industries and occupies an important place in modern civilization [1].

The success of companies in the market of aerospace equipment is achieved by the realization of certain conditions: 1) technical competence and consistency of personnel; 2) sufficient experience in «in-house» production development; 3) skillful organization of finished commodities’ marketing; 4) production diversification; 5) cost effectiveness; 6) stability of the financial situation. Airliners and space technology represent a long-term perspective for the development of this industry.

Ukraine has inherited one third of the former Soviet Union’s industrial capabilities. For further development of this industry, the National Space Agency was established with the aim to control and monitor more than 30 institutions directly related to space activities, including industrial companies, engineering departments, military facilities, research institutes and others [2].

It should be noted that over the past two decades, Ukraine has made significant progress in the space industry and has been recognized by the international community, having entered the top five countries that are the leaders in the number of annual launches [3].

Ukrainian rocket and space industry includes 40 companies. Among them the leading centers are the world-famous State Enterprise CD «Yuzhnyy» and Production Association «Yuzhnyy Machinery Plant» in Dnipropetrovsk. Here vehicles, spacecrafts, systems of management, navigation and trajectory measurement are produced serially [4].

State Enterprise CD «Yuzhnyy» is the leader among rocket and space construction departments in the Commonwealth of Independent States as the user of military strategic rockets for the production of space vehicles.

Ecologically clean booster «Zenith» is one of the best in modern rocket manufacturing by its design and technological perfection. Its distinct features are fully automated process of take-offs and high precision of spacecraft’s launch into a desired orbit. Because of these qualities, «Zenith» is the achievement of the world class.

One of the most important activities of State Enterprise CD «Yuzhnyy» is the creation of spacecraft for scientific, defensive and economic purposes. The enterprise is the leading one in the field of elimination and disposal of strategic guided-missile systems, which are carried out within the framework of international agreements.

At present, State Enterprise CD «Yuzhnyy» includes project and engineering divisions that create spacecrafts, rocket engines, devices, sensors; experimental base for the ground processing of units and missile systems, engines and spacecrafts; complex of new technologies and materials; the station for neutralization and dismantling of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Nowadays, State Enterprise CD «Yuzhnyy» is the main engineering design organization in Ukraine that serves major projects included in the national space program. The portfolio of enterprise’s orders includes the development of a number of spacecraft: «Sich-2», «Sich-3», «Lybid’», funding of which is partially provided by the National Space Agency of Ukraine.

Recently, due to the successfully developing international cooperation with the leading firms and companies of the CIS countries and the world, State Enterprise CD «Yuzhnyy» has become a member of several international space programs, including Sea Launch. In addition, it has taken part in the creation of space rockets «Dnepr», «Zenith-2M» and spacecraft of «Microsatellite» class for the operational Earth observation system.

Today, with the expansion of international cooperation and the work performed in the interests of national and intergovernmental space programs, new opportunities of creating modern rocket and space technologies are opened for State Enterprise CD «Yuzhnyy» [5].

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