Parii A. І., Chopova А. М., Skorokhod G. І., Atanova M. Y.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


The growing need of society for people who are capable of approaching to any changes creatively, solving the existing problems unconventionally and efficiently is caused by the acceleration of the society development and, consequently, need to train people for life in rapidly changing situations.

Creating a course which meets the modern requirements of science and pedagogy is a very difficult task. To solve this problem you need to have enough diverse material, break this material down into the elements of various levels and to establish the relationships between these elements. The strategy of modern education is to provide opportunities for all students to demonstrate their talents and creativity, suggesting the possibility of personal plans realization. At the moment, the actual problem is to find means of developing intelligence associated with the creative students’ work of both collective and individual form of training. Computer technologies play a crucial role when we try to solve this problem.

 The theoretical points of didactics of higher school are given, 14 databases, which should be used ideally by an instructor to create a course that meets modern principles of didactics and uses modern teaching methods are sorted out in the work.

Special attention of professionals who deal with mathematics education at school is aimed at modernizing tasks material, which is presented in modern textbooks and usually provide an algorithmic way of solving that restricts operational and informational students’ sphere of activity significantly.

The knowledge base has been developed in this work and it helps to solve and work with non-standard mathematical problems, tasks are grouped into methods, it helps to fix and understand these problems. All these databases are used in the program and filled in the first approximation.

The program offers the methods for solving a specific problem or task. Some examples of these methods also provide an opportunity to learn the theoretical part, the formulas of topics, materials. The program has a friendly interface and easy to use. At the moment we are creating the site, access to which would have everybody who is eager for knowledge. The main idea is to give a free access to the database, to the types of problems and methods of solution, each student who has a free access to the Internet will be able to use the theoretical material that will assist him in solving problems and in-depth study of various topics.

The work is illustrated with specific examples. The results are presented in the form of pictures. The structure of the program and how to use the software are described in details. Obviously, the teachers and methodologists themselves have to fill in all bases in each discipline competently in the future.

The results may be useful in software which is introduced in secondary and higher schools on the subject of mathematics.

Teaching experience shows that if students educational activities in the process of solving unusual problems are organized effectively it is the most important method of forming mathematical culture, such qualities of mathematical thinking as flexibility, criticality, rationality, logic, and their organic combination found in specific students abilities, which enable them to carry out creative activities successfully.

The relevance of work is caused by social vision of society on education of a creative person, capable to adapt in quickly changing conditions of the modern life, ready to different activities in different situations, capable to solve non-standard vital problems effectively.