Шкіль Н. О., Гальченко А. А.

Дніпропетровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара


The European integration process plays a huge role in the priorities of our country. For Ukraine, european integration is the possibility of realization of economic potential and the whole development by joining the global economic and political system. An important way of ukrainian economic integration into the world system is air traffic control, which is one of the most leading components of the ukrainian aviation industry.

The aim of this work is to analyze the integration process in the sphere of air navigation services and determine the necessity of entering Ukraine in the EU concept «Single European Sky» (SES).

On the way of integration in air traffic control, important role plays ukrainian participation in international aviation organizations (IAO), which increase global processes in aviation every year. Ukraine is a member of such organizations as ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference), EUROCONTROL (European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation), IFATCA (International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers` Associations), IFATSEA (International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations), ATCA (Air Traffic Control Association), CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organization) and IKSANO (International Organization Information Coordination Council on Air Navigation Charges).

Among these organizations the most important for Ukraine is participation in EUROCONTROL which gives our country the possibility to realize national interests and be a member of Single European Sky.

Analyzing the history of ukrainian cooperation with IAO, we have identified three characteristic stages: soviet, ukrainian independence and european integration. The important events for ukrainian integration into powerful system are the Partnership and Cooperation agreement between Ukraine and the European Communities, participation in EUROCONTROL and newly adopted Air Code.

In perspective Ukraine is planning to become a member of European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which enables undergo certification and obtain a license – guarantee of safety. Analyzing ukrainian cooperation with IAO and future deals, we should note that participation in IAO will raise the Ukrainian aviation at the European level, the country will join the SES, attract foreign investments and stimulate the development of the aviation industry as a whole.

For effective functioning of international aviation in the European space, it`s necessary to provide a high level of manageability and controllability of air traffic, considering global trends.

The European air traffic management (ATM) system currently handles around 26,000 flights daily. Forecasts indicate air traffic levels are likely to double by 2020. Moreover, European ATM costs an additional €2-3 billion every year, compared to other similar systems in the world. How will the European airspace accommodate the increasing air traffic flows, whilst cutting costs and improving its performance?

The answer came with the initiative of organizing airspace into functional blocks, according to traffic flows rather than to national borders. Such a project was not possible without common rules and procedures at the European level. The SES was born to meet this need.

Implementation of SES initiative will be provided through the establishment of nine functional airspace blocks of EU countries, such as: NEFAB, Denmark-Sweden, Baltic FAB, FABEC, FABCE, DANUBE, BLUE MED, UK-IRELAND and SW FAB. Units will be created with the operational requirements of subjects and without national borders of participating countries.

Nowadays, besides EU countries, the third countries (neighbors of EU) can also take part in the concept «Single European Sky».

Ukraine is one of those states which are attractive for the EU in the sphere of air transport services. There are many intensive routes of the EU countries through ukrainian air space. Every year the amount of transit flows increases. According to EUROCONTROL annual report there will be 600 000 flights in Ukrainian air space by 2016. That`s why European Union considers our country to be an important object for Single European Sky.

Apart from positive influence, there are many containment factors of taking part in Single European Sky (SES) for our country. Full participation in SES will limit the sovereign rights of Ukraine. Also the concept SES is orientated mostly to the EU countries. In our opinion, Ukraine should partly participate in this concept. It will give the possibility to develop infrastructure in this sphere, become more competitive and save the rights of our country.


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