«Актуальные вопросы в сфере социально-экономических, технических и естественных наук и информационных технологий» (3-4 апреля 2014г.)

Hrebto A. S., Chernitskaya O. V., Tsvetayeva O. V.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


The Intel Core i7 processor is the latest in cutting edge processor with fastest, intelligent, multicore technology for the desktop PC. Intel Core i7 processor delivers four complete execution cores within a single processor, delivering unprecedented performance and responsiveness in multi-threaded and multi-tasking business and home use environments.

What is Processor? A processor is multipurpose, programmable device that reads binary instructions from memory,accepts binary data as input and processes data according to that instruction, and provides results as output.

Core i7 processor also uses four core. It is the fastest processor on the planet. Semiconductor Manufacturing process technology used is 45 nm (nanometer). Core i7 is first processor using Nehalem Micro-architecture,with faster, intelligent, multi-core technology that applies processing power where it’s needed most, new Intel Core i7 processors deliver an incredible breakthrough in PC performance. They are the best desktop processor family on the planet.

You will multitask applications faster and unleash incredible digital media creation. And you’llexperience maximum performance for everything you do, thanks to the combination of Intel TurboBoost technology and Intel Hyper-Threading technology, which maximizes performance to match your workload.

Intel 64-bit architecture.

Intel 64-bit architecture delivers 64-bit computing on server, workstation, desktop and mobile platforms when combined with supporting software. Intel 64 architecture improves performance by allowing systems to address more than 4 GB of both virtual and physical memory.

Integrated memory controller:

Integrated memory controller enables three channels of DDR3 1066 MHz memory, resulting inup to 25.6 GB/sec memory bandwidth. This memory controller’s lower latency and higher memory bandwidth delivers amazing performance for data-intensive applications.

Advantages and disadvantages.


Big cache size: this processor has 8 Mb last level caches shared among four cores. This helps to increase Instruction execution speed.

Very fast: using the combination of Intel Turbo Boost Technology and Intel Hyper-Threading technology processor speed is becomes faster. It is very fast processor as compared to other processor. Better cooling system: a 4-pin connector is included for fan speed control to help minimize the acoustic noise levels generated from running the fan at higher speeds for thermal performance. For the cooling of processorit provides Cooler running technology, less heat and less noise. Supplied with Intel reference heat-sink & fan, as temperature increase speed of fan get become increase.


Cost: the main disadvantage of core i7 processor is its cost, It a expensive processor as compared to previous processor. Its cost is over 15000 Rs.

Power Consumption: power consumption of core i7 processor is not better as compared with the core 2 duo processors.


We have finally got acquainted with the new Core i7 processors, the first solutions on Nehalem micro architecture targeted for desktop systems. This processor is brilliant from multiple standpoints. It supports new interesting technologies, such as SMT and Turbo Boost, and has an integrated memory controller with unprecedented performance. In most applications except a few gaming titles, the new processors turned out faster than Core 2 processors working at the same clock speed. New Core i7 are indisputably better in most aspects than Core 2 Quad processors of comparable price. Their performance is almost always higher, which is especially evident in case of multi-threaded load and their power consumption is comparable with that of their predecessors. Over-clocking the core i7 processors also seems to be easier. Servers will also likely benefit greatly from using an i7 – the memory bandwidth is simply insane. It is more energy efficient and produces less heat.The core i7 utilizes Hyper-Threading technology as well as Turbo Boost Technology.Core i7 is first processor using Nehalem Micro-architecture, with faster, intelligent, multi-core technology that applies processing power where it’s needed most, new Intel Core i7 processors deliver an incredible breakthrough in PC performance.