«Актуальные вопросы в сфере социально-экономических, технических и естественных наук и информационных технологий» (3-4 апреля 2014г.)

Galayda A. V., Mitikov U. A., Timoshenko Zh. I.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


This is a look into the future, the reality of the present and unforgotten past, which gave impetus to the development of science, technology, materials, structures and a great view of life on the Earth in the solar system.

Materials and technologies are evolving at the speed of rotation of the Earth around the Sun. Our grandparents could not imagine familiar for everybody technology GPS. Which is probably more than once saved the drivers got lost in the wilds of stone jungle. This is the most obvious example of space technology in everyday life. Virtually no one smart phone is no longer available without GPS / Glonass.

My grandmother poorly represented such technology materials like Teflon, which is a non-stick coating. It was originally invented as an insulating material for spacecraft, and only then it we moved up to the kitchen.

In dentistry also advanced materials of the space industry are used. Zirconia crown, advanced in the direction of prosthetics material original used for the manufacture of heat-insulating sheathing ships.

And even going for a jog in the evening, you wear favorite shoes sneakers due to space, as in the manufacture of running shoes used a three-dimensional fabric with polyurethane foam is used. It is properly distributes the load on the leg while running. The idea was borrowed from the lunar shoes designed for lunar mission Apollo. Boots lunar pioneers sprung step and provided ventilation.

Just flame retardant fabric for suits firefighters and racing drivers first used in spacesuits. Also suit for spacewalk was the prototype of a new generation of protective suits with integrated cooling system, developed by the Italian company D’Appolonia for firefighters and racing drivers.

Underwear, clothes in which winter sports enthusiasts wear was originally developed as an element of your wardrobe astronauts. Due to the special yarn technology it promotes evaporation of excess moisture released by the body during stress, and heat keeping.

Therefore, space exploration is one of the most promising areas, allowing based on fundamental research to implement in each of our lives fantastic technology.

Space stable future will allow humanity to get answers to many questions.