«Актуальные вопросы в сфере социально-экономических, технических и естественных наук и информационных технологий» (3-4 апреля 2014г.)

Pustovaya J. A., Segeda N. J., Komarova L. V.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


Many of us would like to live forever, or put it simply to become immortal. Most scientists believe that sooner or later the humanity will be able to reveal the secret of immortality, but it will only be implemented through the modern nanotechnologies and the latest scientific discoveries. There is only one question that stops all the scientists in this world: «Who will be created after our new experiments?» The well-known magazine the «Forbes» has already selected four main ways of immortality for those people who are eager to live forever…

The first way is called «Biopresence»

Several years ago, students of the Royal College of Art in London suggested replacing tombstones with trees which contain DNA molecules of dead people. Generally the tree of any sort would be suitable for the experiment, but the young scientists decided to choose an apple one, because it is a symbol of fertility. Furthermore, they believe that an embedded DNA molecule would be applicable for creating the clone of the dead person. This project has succeed and as a result the special organization called NESTA allocated approximately £35 000 for its implementation. Unfortunately, this sum of money was too little. And also there is one more problem. The price of this special tree would be extremely high and the period of growing the specimen would take several years. So this experiment was put off.

The second way is called «Cryogenic freezing»

The main purpose of cryonics is to preserve the body of the dead person until medicine invents some special technological devices which allow to recover all body functions and also to get rid of the problem which caused the death. Long-term preservation of the body is possible due to the fact that extremely low temperatures occurring in it suspends chemical processes, including the process of decomposition. In the US, there are two major non-profit organizations specializing in the research of cryonics: «Alkor» and theInstitute of Crionic. Each of them has its own storages where humans would be revived. The price of freezing ranges from $50 000 to $250 000. By the way, people may only freeze their brain or the whole body.

The third way is called «The bank of DNA molecules»

It’s well-known everywhere, that there has not been any official occasion of human cloning so far. There are many factors which stop the development in this area and some of them are technological complexities and moral and ethical contradictions. Nevertheless, the developments in the field of human cloning can’t be stopped because there is a chance that the medicine will create a clone. Therefore if there is a possibility of human cloning, the population should put their DNA molecules to the special department of the Swiss DNA bank. It undertakes to store not only DNA molecules but also one gigabyte of any information forever for a fee of $ 399.

The fourth way is called «Artificial intelligence»

One of the simplest, visible and actual ways to resurrect the deceased person was revealed by Blodinym Pearce, the author of the portal Weekly World News. He suggested combining the artificial intelligence technologies with the results of the Internet boom. It is necessary to make a program that will find and collect the information about the deceased people from all social networks, forums, online diaries. Besides the data could be taken from the secret sources to have a complete picture of the person. Actually, this involving project would have been successful if the deceased person had been outgoing and communicative. Most of these people usually share their ideas, news, events, points of view with their virtual friends but unfortunately in real live they can be secretive, cagy or moreover, they can tell false information.