«Актуальные вопросы в сфере социально-экономических, технических и естественных наук и информационных технологий» (3-4 апреля 2014г.)

Soloviova N. M., Mitikov U.A., Kriachunenko O. L.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


It is well known fact, that the students of the Physico-Technical Department are interested in space future of Ukraine. That is why many projects are devoted to space flights and space exploration. Nowadays the most actual problem is under discussion is such unstudied phenomenon of hyperspace. For many scientists it is quite clear that modern space liquid-fuel engines do not give hope for interstellar travel, even flying in the Solar system takes more time. The majority of scientific research are based on the developments of astrophysicists at the American University, Baylor and on assumptions Mexican physics Miguel Alcubierre, consider the engine of the future, which can overcome the light barrier – the warp engine.




Fig. 1

Imagine that inside the spacecraft is the engine that allows you to go from one point of space to another faster than it does light becomes possible thanks to the generation of a special field curvature (warp-field), which envelops the vessel and distorts space-time continuum, moving it. The engine of curvature not disperse the physical body faster than the speed of light, and uses the properties of space-time to move more quickly than it happens to flat electromagnetic wave (light) in vacuum.

The principle of work of the warp engines is in the deformed space in front of and behind the spaceship, allowing it to move faster than the speed of light. Space is «compressed» ahead of the vessel and «unfolding» for him. It rests in a kind of «bubble», while remaining protected from deformations. The ship itself within the field distortion actually remains stationary: moves very distorted the space in which it is located.

When developing such an engine for space flights, I take the best from each of modern engine and combine into one. But more preference I give to the study of hyperspace, as a principle of action of the other engines, though understandable speed is small, compared with mega size of space distances.

When creating a space ship, much needs to be given to ways of extinguishing overloads, or inertial dampers, as without them the ship with a crew necessary to accelerate only with 1g acceleration and speed of 10 s (10 light) is achieved only for 9.5 years.

Use the warp engine requires high energy costs, so the warp systems are driven through reactions between matter and antimatter in the presence of catalysts, which generates high-energy plasma.

Modern rocket engines are making efforts to accelerate the spacecraft at that time, as the warp engine has made every effort to distortion of space around the spacecraft. Note, that if to accelerate the spacecraftit will cause the so-called effect of «twins paradox». And if you touch the space-time, the ship would disappear from one point in space and will appear in an absolutely different.

Our students believe, perhaps, their research works will contribute to the problem of the warp engine. And the hope for generations to travel between stars would be no more difficult than to fly through the valley. In any case, let us be optimistic and believe that scientists soon will learn how to create engines for interstellar flights and overcome the very realm of the possible.