«Актуальные вопросы в сфере социально-экономических, технических и естественных наук и информационных технологий» (3-4 апреля 2014г.)

Vaseiko D. A., Barvinko D. V., Shevtsov V. U., Timoshenko Zh. I.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


The growth of technical and intellectual power of the man turns into its opposite in the form of drastic depletion of earth’s resources, as to satisfy its needs and desires mankind has no other sources except the Earth. Resources are resume much more slowly than is human activities have probably resulted in violation of the update processes. Out of this gloomy situation we can see in the output of the person in space, which can serve as an inexhaustible source of resources and unlimited habitat.

Ukraine is in the five countries having a closed production cycle of space rockets. Domestic enterprises owned 17 of 22 renowned in the world of technology and participate in 50 international projects.

All the space and rocket industry is under the leadership of National space Agency of Ukraine (since 1992), the structure of the Agency consists of 30 enterprises, research institutes and design bureaus.

National space Agency of Ukraine is a specially authorized Central body of Executive power, which ensures the implementation of state policy in the field of space activities, manages assigned to it by management, responsible for its development.

Work on the creation of a rocket and a space complex was started in 1992 For implementation of the project the Russian-Ukrainian international space company Kosmotras, was created it is responsible for producing and commercial operation of the booster.

In the conditions of market economy the main direction of the implementation and further development of its unique scientific-technical, technological and production potential of the enterprise has chosen the international cooperation in the area of space activities. The first steps on this way showed the willingness and ability Yuzhnoye to interact successfully with the leading companies of the USA, Russia, Europe in implementing complex space projects.

In case of realization of all plans in the use of outer space Ukraine will make a real breakthrough on the world market of space services. But these plans are very hard.

The aerospace industry is an industry that requires larger capital investments. Unfortunately, Ukraine’s budget can’t provide even a tenth of the investments necessary for a self-sufficient development of the aerospace industry. But thanks to aviation and cosmonautics Ukraine became famous worldwide for its planes, and launch vehicles, and various inventions, but some analogies of aerospace products Ukraine has not. These problems do not allow dynamic development of the aviation and space industry in Ukraine.

The are a lot of problems in the aerospace industry, but in recent years the Ukrainian space program has become a relatively stable branch. Every year the situation in the aerospace industry improves. Slowly but surely, aviation and astronautics restore its former strength.

A great step forward was made in Astronautics. Cooperation with Brazil, the USA, Russia, China and other States brings its results. Ukraine in many of its space projects can overcome the leading space states.

Ukraine will be realized in cooperation with other countries. This is necessary for Ukraine, because it is unable to implement their its projects by itself.