Taranenko A. V.

Oles Gonchar Dnipropetrovsk National University (Ukraine)

Grin’ko T. V.

Full Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences

Oles Gonchar Dnipropetrovsk National University (Ukraine)



The modern concept of management of economic systems at various levels (country – region – sector – company) – a concept of strategic management. It arose as a response to the challenges and threats from the environment, strengthening its instability, increased globalization and increased competition. At the evolution of control that occurred under the influence of changes at production 60-70th years 20th century formed the modern concept of strategic management.

There are some peculiarities of strategic management:

The need for the strategic management of the Ukrainian enterprises is due to several reasons, main of which are:

Domestic enterprises generally difficult to apply strategic management through challenging economic conditions, lack of funds to implement innovative processes, not quite civilized competition.

However, it is important that there are already some progress with the successful implementation of strategic management at the Ukrainian food industry («Torch», «Crown»), Innovative Technologies («Motor-Sich», «Quasar-Micro»), trade (firm «ISS», supermarkets Ukraine), information technology («Kyivstar») in banking structures and so on. These companies have a clear mission, concepts, goals, organizational culture, extraordinary approach to solving problems, «aggression» in the competition [1].

To the restrictions about using the strategic management in domestic enterprises are:

Ways of overcoming higher mentioned limitations include:

Thus, we can conclude that companies that use strategy and implementing strategic management, always have the opportunity to behave consistently in their business, and in particular in the market dynamic competitive environment as a whole, which increases the probability of reaching the goal. Therefore, the introduction of strategic management in domestic enterprises and is objectively necessary process in the field of business management, which increases the willingness of business organizations to adequately respond to unforeseen changes and promotes reasonable agreed solution both current and strategic issues. The basis of this process to put the existing international experience in strategic management and provide creative transfer it to the specific conditions of economic development of Ukraine for domestic enterprises to assist them in establishing the necessary production and increase their efficiency.


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