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Of all the infinite diversity of unusual phenomena that nature presents to human perception, none leads our minds more than motion, which we call human life. What is our life? What are the steps of its development? These are the questions that tried to answer the wise men of all times. Maybe we cannot say what does it mean our life, but we can define that our life is motion. The presence of motion necessarily implies a body capable of moving and force sets it in motion. Therefore, where there is life, there is a mass driven by force. Each mass has inertia force characteristic of each movement. Based on this general properties and conditions of the body, whether at rest or in motion, seeking to maintain its status as a force wherever it operated, and no matter what the cause, is equivalent to resistance, and hence necessarily follows that every movement in nature must be rhythmic.

It is confirmed in all that we perceive: the move planets, the tides in the reverberation of air in the movement of the pendulum in the oscillations of the electric current in the infinite variety of the phenomena of organic life. Is all human life does not confirm it? Birth, growth, old age and death of the individual, family, nation or race – that's all, if not the rhythm? In this case, the life of even the most complex forms, such as, for example, a person is only a movement to which it is applied is the same general laws of motion that govern the physical universe.

When we talk about a person, we are referring to humanity as a whole, and before you apply the scientific method to the study of motion, we must recognize that the movement is a natural phenomenon. But can anyone today doubt that millions of individuals and groups, are integrated? Although we are different in thought and action, we form an integral unity, like the stars in the sky, inseparably connected. We cannot see these binding threads, but we can feel them. I cut my finger, and it pains me: this finger – a part of me. I see others with the pain and suffering it causes, and to me, my friend and I are one. And now I see the enemy slain, among all others, he is less likely care about me, and it saddens me. Is not this proof that each of us is a part of the whole? Now imagine a man as a mass exposure to power. Although the movement of the body is not of a progressive character, but the laws applicable to it mechanical motion, and the energy of the mass, in accordance with the well-known formula, is equal to half the product of mass and the square of a certain speed.

pic1                                    (1)

Man, however, the eccentric mass consists of rotating and atoms and molecules containing only thermal energy. This is a mass, which laid down certain higher property emanating from the beginning of the creative life, which he is endowed. This mass, as the water in the ocean wave, is constantly changing, the new replaces the old. In addition, it grows, reproduces and dies, and therefore its mass changes not only the individual but humanity as a whole. If we assume that the energy of humanity is calculated half the product of mass and the square of mankind some speed, then we must conclude that an increase in energy thus defined, is and always will be the most important scientific problem.

So, we turn to the chart provided. M – mass of humanity. This mass pushes in the same direction the force f, which opposes another force R – part of the friction force, partly negative force acting in the opposite direction and slows down the motion of mass. This opposing force is present in every movement, and should be taken into account. The difference between these two forces has useful power that informs the velocity V of mass M in the direction indicated by the arrow on the force vector f. In accordance with the above energy of mankind will be determined by the formula (1), where M – total mass of mankind in the ordinary sense of the term «mass», and V is a certain speed, which in the present state of science, we cannot determine. So, the increase in energy equivalent to an increase of humanity of this work, and how you can easily see, there are only three real ways to reach this result (see Picture1).



The first method, shown in the upper graph, an increase in mass M suggests (as indicated by the dashed circle) without changing both opposing forces.

The second method is to reduce the friction force R to the values of r and the conservation of mass M and active force f.

The third method is presented in the lower graph and is to increase the active force f to the value of F, while the mass M and reaction force R remain unchanged.

And now I ask to the reader to hold an analogue of formula (1) with all known concepts of Quantity and Quality, where M – mass in this formula, plays the role of Quantities and V – velocity, plays the role of Quality, respectively. And in order to increase results ever in something to get development is necessary to increase the quantity or quality, together or separately, but the quality improving is more effectively because of the result increases quadratic if compared with the quantitative increase only. Investment and innovation activity is a quality way of development. Innovation provides a more qualitative level of development. Investment transformation and innovation strategies give possibility to a qualitative change as a whole, starting with you, your family, community, region and the country. The effectiveness of investment and innovation enterprises is a complex process, requiring time and material costs, which assume the use of both traditional methods and special models, include individual approach and analysis.


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