Requirements for submission of the monograph materials. «Managing the development of the company in terms of integration»

Dear collegues!

The participants of the International scientific and practical conference «Economics and management – 2013: integration and innovation prospects» have the opportunity to publish the results of scientific research in the collective monograph:

«Managing the development of the company in terms of integration»

The materials of the monograph will be published as a book (Hardcover) by assigning an ISBN, УДК and ББК. For one subscription (regardless of the number of authors) four items of monograph will be given. Additional copies may be ordered in advance.


The following sections are planned in the monograph:
Section 1. The modern concepts of managing the development of the company
Section 2. Innovative development in terms of integration: theory and practice
Section 3. Mechanisms of enterprise development promotion
Section 4. Investment and innovative potential as a factor of the company’s economic development
Section 5. The functional components of enterprise management: modern tools and technologies.


  • Submission of the materials for consideration by the organizing committee - until 02.01.2014,
  • The publication of monograph - 24.04.2014 (before the beginning of the conference providing the full-time participation)
  • sending of the monograph to authors (to contact address given in the author’s application) - until 04.30.2014 (remote participants)

Works will be submitted to the publication only if they reflect the results of research on topics of the selected section.


Requirements for submission of the monograph materials

➢ Materials of the monograph and supporting documents are to be sent as an attached file to the e-mail address until 01.02.2014. The full set of the following documents must be submitted:
- The article formalized in accordance with the requirements;
- Scanned review of the doctor in economics (if there is no co-author with doctorial degree in economic sciences);
- Information about the author in a separate file in accordance with the form (the form is attached below);
- Name and surname of the author, article title , abstracts and keywords - in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian and English).
In the subject line it must be specified “Article to the monograph and surname of the first author” (eg., < Article to a monograph – Ivanov A.V. >).
➢ Within two working days the authors will receive a confirmation sent as a notification via e-mail.
If there is no message – please, duplicate the letter, or find out by the phone for more information (on working days from 9.00 to 17.00): +38 (067) 972-90-71, responsible person – Marina Yepishko.
➢ The Publishing House and the Organizing Committee reserves the right to motivated rejection of the materials. If necessary, the authors carry out a correction (in case of severe inconsistencies with the rules) or the article will be rejected.
➢ After the decision on acceptance / rejection of the article to the monograph, the notification is sent to the author with details and the amount to be paid.
➢ The author sends a copy of the payment receipt, and also the information about the amount of extra paid additional copies.
➢ After printing the monograph the Publishing House sends a notification to authors, and mails the monograph to the address specified by the authors (by a registered letter), as well as to the scientific and technical libraries of Ukraine.


General requirements to formalization of the monograph materials

The article may have three co-authors maximum.

Text of the paper must include the results of original research of the author/authors. Materials for publication may be submitted in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

When quoting reference to the source (in brackets) is a must.

Nota bene! Works with many errors that do not meet the above requirements for the monograph will not be accepted and will not be returned. The reliability of facts, quotations, titles, and other information is the author’s responsibility.

Requirements to formalization of the text
  • The article volume – not less than 10 pages A4. Text editor – Microsoft Word for Windows.
  • Margins: all 20 mm.
  • Font: Times New Roman 14, line spacing – 1,5, indent – 10 mm.
  • Graphs, charts, tables, flowcharts are made using tools of Microsoft Word, with center alignment, typing font – Times New Roman 12, line spacing – 1. All tables and figures must be named. Name and number of figures must be indicated in bold below the figure (Figure 1. Name), name and number of tables – above the tables (Table 1. Name). Tables, charts, figures, formulas, graphs should not go beyond the specified fields. References in the text to figures and tables must be given as follows: as shown in Fig. 1, in Table. 1. Graphs, charts, tables are created using black and white scales. It’s not permitted to use scanned pictures and tables, colour and background!
  • Formulas, symbols, variables that occur in the text should be typed as Microsoft Equation objects and numbered in parentheses to the right.
  • References list is a must. Bibliographic description of the source is made according to ДСТУ ГОСТ 7.1:2006. in alphabetical order. References to literature in the text must be made in brackets, for example [7, p. 5].

References should contain information on the sources available to readers and to be given in accordance with applicable standards. You may see some examples of references formalization online

It is obligatory to use foreign sources as well as scientific papers over the past three years!


The cost of publication

The cost of publication is 45 UAH for one full page of A4 paper. The cost of one additional copy of monograph is 80 UAH.
Payment details will be sent to the author only after a positive review of his scientific work and its inclusion into the collective monograph.
A copy of the payment receipt, which confirms money transfer, is to be sent with the monograph materials and information about the authors by e-mail.
The example of the monograph materials formalization:
УДК 311
Pertov Mykola,
Doctor of economic sciences, professor of Finance and Credit department
Dniepropetrovsk state financial academy, Ukraine
Ivanov Ivan
Candidate of economic sciences, assistant professor,
Head of the Banking department
Dniepropetrovsk national university named after O.Honchar, Ukraine

{{text of the article comprising: relevance of the problem, analyzing the latest research, the purpose of the work, statement of the main results, conclusions and recommendations for further research in this area}}

1. Lapin Е. V. Evaluation of enterprise’s economic potential / Е. V. Lapin. – Sumy: «University book», 2004. – 360 p.
Author’s information
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«Managing the development of the company in terms of integration»
Full name of the participant
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Name of the paper
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